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Welcome to my blog, I'm Asma Siddique just an ordinary girl who's sharing her thoughts to giveall you need for everyday inspiration.

Blog Talk
New experience, useful or funny videos, nice stories, sharings from another sites, something to download, pictures, sideshows, how-to-do posts, recommended sites and anything else that comes into my mind to post in here.

These are what will be posted but the category for the blog is listed as

By Asma ~
Posts written by me under ...
From the Gypsy Mama where I write every Friday for 5 minutes.
On the Go
Short posts about thoughts I got in mind.
Personal Talk
Lessons and experiences and I learnt from my personal life.
Questions & Expressions 
This one's for fun, it's more like a writer's block

From Me and You ~
Well, these are mix between what I wrote found only ... 
All about blogs, some I know and some I shared 
Computer Stuff
Same here about computer
Some tricks I know and some from others
Online stuff from my and those who love it
Interesting ones to recommend

Online Stuff ~ 
These posts aren't by me, I just found them online and re-posted them here ...
۝ Humor 
Funny jokes and silly stuff you make you smile
۝ Poem
Just relax and enjoy
۝ ReBlog
Some are from this blog and some from other
۝ Recipes 
Yummy stuff to cook
۝ Sharing 
Totally not mine, they are from other sites
۝ Puzzles & Riddles 
Think, think, think!
۝ Picture Talk
Bunch of amazing and cool pictures I found here and there
۝ Download
Wallpaper, emotions, icons and anything else worth the share.

That is to … ~?
Simply make you enjoy, relax, put a smile on you face, lift your spirit high and most importantly get you inspired with any idea.

You see I've many things in mind and want to share it with people, sometimes even the tiniest detail others aren't aware of and can even make one's day. There are ideas, opinions and thoughts I'd like to write down and see what others want to add to it or say about it.

Want to know the other side's thoughts and points of view so I can improve myself and give away something in return in the same time.

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