Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Can't we Forget About it?!

The degree of loving or hating someone is based mostly on how they treat you. The better they do the more you like them and they worse you do the more you dislike them. There are people who don't mean what they do just got short temper and their acts and swiftier than their thought then get into real trouble.

Above all the people there are our family, the ones we love and care. Even if they aren't good we still care about them. Not everyone has the same luck with their family, some are from heaven, others are perfect and there are those who blame their fate for having a not-so-good one. In every case those problems happen here too no matter what kind of family you have.

It's kinda hard loving them back when all their action just force you on nothing but hating. But again you think, at the end they are my family, why hate them?! Why not just forget about it?! Then again they do something else and make you forget what you just told yourself few min. ago.

They thing is hating isn't any good, either for your relation or your own health. I'm saying this from a personal experience that hating only makes the heart week and the mind busy with useless stuff. You can't really do anything to them in revange for what they did to you casue you simply aren't like them, so why not just forget about it?!

I know it's hard but you should consider two things:
1) They are your family who you should love and not hate
2) You aren't like them, be better than what they are.

Do you know what I do whenever they do something that makes me hate them?! I just ignore and laugh about it sometimes. It's not easy with every situation but if you try you can.

Life is short on hating something, instead you can occupay you mind with other useful, creative and productive stuff. So why not do that instead?!


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