Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Control Short Temper

Being a short tempered person can cause you troubles on your health and relationships. Controlling such temper could be a challenge at some points. Whenever you find yourself firing up if a guys talked with you in a rude way or your friend forget to get you your stuff or even if your whole day went bad, you could consider these steps to tame your temper. 

1. Counting to 10
Yeah! We said this a lot of times to kids and saw it in movies and shows and in fact this method is really helpful and powerful. Taking a deep breath and counting to ten lets your mind to take a break from what happened and think it all over again. 

2. Change Position 
If you are standing sit down. If you are sitting lay down. Change your body satiation from a condition to another will allow the body to clam down. 

3. Think before you speak
When the anger is all over you, you'll say things you don't mean and regret for it later. So don't make this mistake and take a little bit of time before replying back. 

4. Take a break 
If someone made you mad just stop the conversation for a while and take a break. Eat a light snack, walk in the garden, watch a short video clip. Just allow your mind to free the stress then talk again with clear mind. 

5. Wash your face 
When you're mad it's like getting FIRED with anger. Splash your face with water to (cool) that (fire) then you'll feel you're are losing your anger slowly slowly. 

6. Express your thoughts
One you are calm say why you got mad, what made you upset. Sometimes a person doesn't notice that he's doing wrong and making others around him angry. Tell your reasons in a clear and smooth way. 

7. Joke along
Maybe not exactly but try to say in a humor way to lighten the mood. 

8. Solutions for problems
If the situations makes you angry every time, like when you're son comes home late, your sister talks for a long time in the phone, your friend does annoying pranks with you search for solutions. Tell your sister why she has to talk less in a understandable way, ask your friend to stop pranks cause you don't like such joke and so on. 

9. Relaxation skills 
Try to convince yourself by saying these phrases over and over again: "It's okay!", "Take it easy!", "It'll pass by!" or "No need to get angry!" One you repeat these to yourself your mind will get staled and you can talk again in a calm mind. 

10. Seek for help
This is the last step you want to take. Like I mentioned before controlling temper is a challenge, there are times when you fail to take these steps at this point you may seek for help from any member of your family or a doctor. 

Remember, anger is okay to express your upset thoughts but don't let it go over you by saying things you don't mean and regretting them later which can also ruin your relationship or cause you some health problem. 

Just relax and keep in mind that nothing in this world deserves to disturb your peace of mind =)


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