Monday, May 9, 2011

You, Me and …. FACEBOOK!

Unless you are living inside a cave deep deep in away jungle, you surly didn't miss the chance of using – or knowing about – facebook. The number one most used social media and the second most visited site on the web.

Here's a brief info about facebook;
It's a social media lunched in year 2004 like any other one it's main features are to connect with friends, chat, PM, share photos, videos and notes with those who you live, work and know. It's a very secure site and has the most powerful privacy I'm ever seen. Also, facebook helps you to reconnect with old mates from school, work, neighborhood or even a guy who used to go to the same school as yours.

Nowadays, facebook is a must-to-use everyday sites. You can even see it elsewhere like youtube, blogger or on any other file that might be shared with friends. Of course, there are others like google buzz, twitter or livejournal but on top of them all facebook is No.1 

So, what doest this have to do with you and me ?!
Good question. You see since the end of 2009 facebook gained a high traffic that made it hop into number two most visited sites according to alex ranking. That means almost all the users of the internet get into there and do activities all day long. One important thing about facebook that it's a private and personal site. Unlike other social medias. That means you are going to put out your personal stuff out there along with private things that matters you very much.

What's the big deal about it !?
The thing is, by keeping in mind that facebook is personal site, you should share stuff with friends and people you know only. Why?! Cause giving away private stuff could cause you some harms such as stealing your password or your credit info when buying anything online by others you don't know. So, be careful.

!For Those Who Add On The Go!

As I mentioned before, and I'll say it over and over again, share your stories with people you know only. This is what facebook is all about. You may add others but when uploading your stuff customize your settings to those who can see and hide it from the ones you don’t want them to know all your stuff.. If you are the kind of person who likes to add on the go then create a fan page. It'll be more useful for you and has more features with a large number of people than a simple profile account, you can add as many people as you like while profile's limit to friends is only 5000.

My facebook story

Well, as any other normal person on the internet, I too had my share with facebook and it went from being a boring site for me to an important portal to stay in touch with my buddies. At first I didn't know much about it and it wasn’t' that updated back at 2007 when I first started to using it. Later, I got bored and deleted my account. Sometime later, in 2009, I got into business and facebook was really handy to. In that time I decided to join facebook again but this time is wasn't like before. I got reconnected with my girls from high school and those who went away and never heard from them again. Plus, I'm connected to the news on the go of my favorite stuff; (program, show, product, festival) anything happens I get notifications for it right now time. I'm not that much of a game person so you won't see my playing much applications. In face, I don’t play any at all. It's all the matter of news, sharing and connecting for me.

Now, facebook is one of the important things for me to do everyday. It's more then just a No.2 ranked site rather then seeing the world and the people around me.

Facebook & You

So there you have it. This is what I use facebook for, how I got started and what does it mean to me. Now, it's your turn
Do you use facebook ?! or are you one of those rare people who don't use it ?!  
What does it mean to you ?  How do you use it ?  and how did you start on with it ?!


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