Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter~ is another social site you surly didn't miss the chance hearing about it. A micro blogging system site that allows you to blog whatever online work you want in length of 140 character.
One thing about twitter that is gives you REAL TIME news from people around the world who actually tweet about stuff in the mean time. To get most of the use from twitter you have to gain more followers, so the more you have the more likely they will read what you share and stuff you promote.

Here are 10 ways to get more followers on twitter:

1. Add the twitter widget in your blog/site: see mine on the sidebar? Use one just like it on your place so whenever people see this they will follow you to stay in touch with your site/blog.

2. Shout to your friends at your twitter: in facebook, my space or any other social site your in, tell your friends that you are using twitter and they'll follow. Try to update your status about twitter regularly like every 3 or 4 weeks to get your attention. Put it in your e-mail signature : whenever you send out an e-mail your twitter will show up in the end of the message that will surly let people see what's in there and follow you.

4. Follow new people: try following 3 – 2 new members every single day and they will follow you back.

5. Be interesting: tweet about different subjects and topics and don’t limit it to one thing. If you are twitting on baseball or healthy food only you won't get much followers. Do some re-tweet to others, share an interesting topic you saw on another blog or a funny video this way you'll get more follower with different interest.

6. Improve your page: create a customized background, write an interesting bio, use your own avatar beside the default one all these lead people to get more into you and likely follow you. Tweet often: don’t just sit there on the site getting people to follow. You should be active and tweet from time to time. Again don't just write down anything let it be interesting and fun.

8. Tell people to re-tweet: not all the time just in few ones to remind your followers of spreading your work at their place so people of the same interest will follow you.

9. Talk about it in bios : if you are registered in other sites/forum make sure you mention about your twitter and ask those who are interested with your topics and posts to follow you there (this ones works the best for me). Those who are likely to read your posts the most will be on your following list.

10. Blog about it: when you write posts related with twitter link down at the end to your twitter account this way readers will stay in touch with you.
There are many other ways you can get people to follow you. Be creative and look up for new methods, make your own and get more followers to your twitter. 

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