Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Can't we Forget About it?!

The degree of loving or hating someone is based mostly on how they treat you. The better they do the more you like them and they worse you do the more you dislike them. There are people who don't mean what they do just got short temper and their acts and swiftier than their thought then get into real trouble.

Above all the people there are our family, the ones we love and care. Even if they aren't good we still care about them. Not everyone has the same luck with their family, some are from heaven, others are perfect and there are those who blame their fate for having a not-so-good one. In every case those problems happen here too no matter what kind of family you have.

It's kinda hard loving them back when all their action just force you on nothing but hating. But again you think, at the end they are my family, why hate them?! Why not just forget about it?! Then again they do something else and make you forget what you just told yourself few min. ago.

They thing is hating isn't any good, either for your relation or your own health. I'm saying this from a personal experience that hating only makes the heart week and the mind busy with useless stuff. You can't really do anything to them in revange for what they did to you casue you simply aren't like them, so why not just forget about it?!

I know it's hard but you should consider two things:
1) They are your family who you should love and not hate
2) You aren't like them, be better than what they are.

Do you know what I do whenever they do something that makes me hate them?! I just ignore and laugh about it sometimes. It's not easy with every situation but if you try you can.

Life is short on hating something, instead you can occupay you mind with other useful, creative and productive stuff. So why not do that instead?!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thoughts and Wishes on Family

Last year I did less posts about myself and made more general ones. Since this is my own blog and I'm willing to share my personal life too I'll talk a bit more about my thoughts and how I see things from my point of view. 

Family is where fights go on for most of the time with me. I know that we don't really mean it but sometimes we express our opinion in a bit harsh way still we all agree on one thing at the end. It's necessary no matter how small things are, you can't ignore feelings, kids, opinions, gifts, going-out, little chit-chats and all the other stuff that should go in between. Even fights are essential like what really matters that you all are on one result at the end. 

For many years now I thought if you don't get the supposed love and care you shouldn't pay attention to it cause it's not important. Days pass by and prove me wrong. The reason for me to do this is not to feel so miserable like I keep on blaming my bad luck for having such family instead I told myself it's not that much of an important so if you don't get it no big deal. I wanted to ease on myself but I didn't look for one to fill up that gab in me. 

No matter how small and silly things look or a kid's talk and wishes sound they are all important and that's how love grows. Sisters are okay, since we are girls we can go with each other but boys have always been a trouble for me. I know I'm 23 already now and my brother will finish high school soon but we're not apart yet so I can still try with him. 

Though they say the one who lost it can't give it, I'll try my best to give my family what I didn't receive from the in the first place. It's the hard times that shows how your family care about you. Mine did show some and I'm happy for that, even it's broken it's still good and that all that matters. 

If I get to build my family I'll give my all to them and make the best one there will ever be.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

[Friday] Five Minutes on Opportunity

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week.


Rules are simple, set the timer at 5 min. obviously, write, don't worry if it's wrong or right and most importantly when you link you go to the previous post and write an encouraging comment for them cause honestly that's the fun part where you hear others thoughts about what you said on one topic shared every week. 

So I'll set the timer for 5 min. where I'll write today about: Opportunity




Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And it's Here

May you have a blessed 2013 new year.

Greetings will be going left and right, from east to west for the New Year. I’ll be adding my voice to them and wish along a happy and cheerful year. May it start with happy events and signs for things you were long waiting for.

Last year still looks new to me, as if we are in the beginning but we’re done already that shows how much time I spent focusing on one thing. Well, that’s over now and we’re off to a new start. This year will be different by god’s willing, I’m planning to carry things the other way. In fact, I already prepared for them in advance since December last year, and my blog is included as well.
I’ll take it as something not done everyday so I’ll give more space to myself and my readers. I’ll take my time and give a new look too.

Running a blog isn’t as easy as I thought maybe cause I did it the hard way sort of, but the lovely part about it is the writing itself. I love it so much and like talking my thoughts in here. Though it’s stressful somehow if you try to make it 100% perfect I was thinking of doing more. Just few days ago read this thing about how should one not worry what others think about him cause it’s the right and mature thing to do still we do look for their thoughts. Taking this in mind I’m planning to make a blog for my Japanese-kanji learning progress and one for my plushie too. I won’t make it compolsary as I did with this one but take it rather easy and write whenever it’s right.

The Japanese will be for my learning, tips to give away and people’s feedback and review of what I write. Plushie is almost the same, I’m not thinking of any tutorials just the way my softies turn out and stuff to give away. As for this blog I’ll try to make it something new with more creative and activating stuff.

As for now these are the new resolutions I have for the New Year. They are for online stuff only and I do have some outside the web world. What are your new resolutions for this year?!