Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All E-mails in One Place (Part 1 – Yahoo!)

Also read Part 2 and Part 3 of this series for other e-mail services.

Yahoomail, one of the best e-mail providers online maybe the finest of them all. It's flexibility and privacy give the perfect serves not to mention the way it displays messages and how you can send them out too.

Like any other normal guy, you probably get many messages at a day whether from your friends, co-works, family, social media, company or any other side. Of course, the important ones are most likely get to read on first, but in the middle of all these e-mails from facebook, netlog, twitter, boyfriend, co-work and google it might be a bit hard and will take time.

Thanks to Yahoo! it's not a problem at all. You can choose what to read first and keep all the other e-mails in one place according to the sender or any other filter you want.  

To get your e-mails organized follow these steps;

1. After signing in your yahoomail, click on (options) from the right top corner then from the list choose (more options).

2. There from the left list click on (Filter) and create a (new filter).

3. Here I'm using Facebook as an example. 

4. Choose how you want it to be filtered, by sender's address, recipient, subject or body - first one works best.

5. And add the sender's address in the box, then from the list below (Move to Folder) choose where you want those specific messages with the e-mail go to. Either into your inbox or any other folder you created. Don't forget to (save) your settings when you're finished.

The result: a new filter to your e-mail.

Note: to create a new folder simply click on the (add) link and name your folder then press (okay) and you're done!

Next time when you open your e-mail you won't get confused on what to read first or look for the important ones, just go to the folder you care about most and you'll see that the filter done rest of the work by organizing all the e-mails to their places according to your settings.


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