Monday, April 11, 2011

All E-mails in One Place (Part 2 – MsN)

Also read Part 1 and Part 3 of this series for other e-mail services.

Hotmail is one of the popular e-mail serves used world wide. Thanks to the updates made in the last few months 2010 – 2011 it has gotten better then before. It's popping-up chatting system right from inbox along with the-all-new management made it all-time-perfect e-mail for it's kind.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you'll likely receive many e-mails at a day and get to read the important ones first. For Yahoo!mail we already know how to do that. Now we'll spot some light on the same system for Hotmail.

YES! MsN too has the same thing. You can filter messages in your e-mail according  to any settings you choose.

Follow these steps to get your e-mails organized on Hotmail:

1. After signing in your mail, click on (options) from the top right corner then choose (More options…) from the list.
Step 1

2. There click on (Rules for sorting new messages) from the second row on the  fifth list (Customizing Hotmail).
 Step 2

3. Press on (new).
Step 3

4. Here we'll create a new rule on two steps;
- Step1:
A) From the list, choose how you want your message to be filtered; either by sender's address, name, subject, cc or attachment – first one works best.
 Step 4

B) You can leave this one the way it is since it doesn't effect much on the whole filtering system!
 Step 5

C) Write the sender's address in this box – I'm using LiveJournal in this example.
 Step 6

- Step2:
A) Select where your messages with that specific e-mail address go to. Either to your inbox or any other folders you've created. Click on the small arrow to view the available folders you got.
 Step 7

B) Or create a new folder for it by choosing this option ( here, unlike Yahoo!mail, the folder gets created once you choose this one) click (save) when you are done.
 Step 8

The result: A new filter to your e-mail.
 Step 9

Notes: - If you have chosen the option (Move to folder) you'll notice a new folder have been created in your e-mail – I used LiveJournal as an example in here. You can also click on the (New Folder) below to create a folder without any filter to it.
 Step 10

- On the filtering page, these three options functions are as the title written:
* Delete these messages: delete them immediately once they got into your e-mail.
* Mobile alert: gives you alerts via cell phone for a new messages.
* Flag: marks the message as (flagged) once they get into your inbox.
 Step 11

The forward option forwards the message to any address you want, just write it in the blank next to it and it'll go there by itself!

Comparing to Yahoo!mail, Hotmail has a bit too much on the filtering system but all is for a better e-mail. It has more functions now then before and makes it a one flexible place to deal with.


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