Thursday, April 14, 2011

All E-mails in One Place (Part 3 – Google)

Also read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series for other e-mail services.

Gmail, the e-mail service provided from the famous search engine (Google). This one is perfect for attachment-kind e-mails since the storage for it is really high. Most people use it for marketing matters for it's great settings that serves business world best.

Of course, this e-mail won't be any different for the first two ones that I posted earlier. Like Yahoo!mail and Hotmail you're likely to receive many messages in your inbox, the important ones will – obviously – get to read on first. Thus, you have to be organized.

To do that on Gmail, follow these steps:

1. After signing in, click on the tool icon on the top right corner then from the list choose (Mail settings).
Step 1

2. Click on (Filter) then from below press on (Create a new filter).
 Step 2

3. Here you'll see the same thing. Choose how you want your messages to be filtered, either by sender's address, subject, body or attachment – in this example I used netlog. When you are done click (Next step).
step 3

4. This part is a bit different from Yahoo!mail and Hotmail, there we used to move the messages with that specific address either to the inbox or any other existing folder, here the matter is different, I chose the options: star it, apply the label. Then press (Create filter)
 Step 4

The result: a new filter to your e-mail.
Step 5

Now when you receive many messages we'll know the important ones or the ones you want to read first cause they'll be marked with a star on the left. 
 Step 6
In case you chose a label for it, it'll be under label with that name – more like a folder.
 Step 7

Gmail has many many other option and cool features in it. This is just one of it's great functions that'll help you get a better e-mail for the best serves. 


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