Monday, April 25, 2011

Avatar. Avatar. Avatar.

Using them on msn, forums or any other social media. I always like to change them according to the season, occasion, mood or just for fun (^_^)

Here's a various collection of avatars you can use anywhere you like. I don't remember where I got them from, it was a long time since then I saved them in my PC and sharing them here with you guys B).

Ten Ten

Avatars: 9
File size: 199 KB


Avatars: 14
File size: 183 KB

Case Closed

Avatars: 46
File size: 1.01 MB


Avatars: 3
File size: 76.6 KB


Avatars: 17
File size: 284 KB


Avatars: 4
File size: 114 KB

Light Design

Avatars: 12
File size: 230 KB

Rock On

Avatars: 6
File size: 199 KB


Avatars: 2
File size: 36.3 KB


Avatars: 7
File size: 172 KB

Sky, sun and rainbow

Avatars: 6
File size: 63.8 KB


Avatars: 15
File size: 415 KB


Avatars: 3
File size: 34.5 KB


Avatars: 2
File size: 39.5 KB


Avatars: 4
File size: 62.3 KB

Well that's it. A whole collection of various avatars, hope you liked them all ^3^ 


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