Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips for Writing Good Blog

Probably one of the things every blogger thinks about is how to write a good piece of post that will attract the readers and make them royal visitors to their blogs.

If you look at some blogs online you can notice how each one of them differs from the other. Some are really interesting others are okay while special ones can't really stop you from reading. But the common thing about them is the information they give has the same value.

As a blogger you should always write a good posts cause that's what really matters. 
Here are some tips that will help you:

* Passion: write what you want. If you're thinking of getting money from your blog start with something you know and like. It could be an interest, something you're learning right now, a hobby or your experience – like I do – Don't go with big stuff you don't know just because it's popular these days. It's not your passion and blog is all about what you love and know.

* Attractive title: this is really important. When it comes to choosing a title for your post you should be creative with it. People look at it at first and if it's really a catchy one, they'll go along the post.

* Juicy summary: this is where you'll give your readers a little beginning about your post. Try to keep it short with lots of questions they are seeking the answers for. It's a good way to give them what they are about to read.

* Write short paragraphs: when writing a blog always consider the length. Don't make it that long, try to keep it short. Break your post into 3 to 4 lines paragraphs. This way your readers can read easily and quickly.

* Use Lists: it's another great idea for a good blog. When you write the summary for the post you can follow it with a list of what it will it contain and you'll talk about. This way, your readers can get a general idea of how long your post is and jump to the points they are looking for.

* Subtitles: start your paragraphs with subtitles. It follows the list. And it's also a good way of telling what's that paragraph is about.

* Pictures: use them in your post. Pictures actually can tell a lot. They can illustrate what you're writing, explain more or just make your post attractive.

* Involve the readers: and get them into your post. When you come at the end of your post ask a question, or ask them to write their opinion, maybe another point you forget to mention. Try to keep the conversation going by getting them into the topic with discussions.

* Edit: before you hit the (Publish) button go through your post again for grammars mistakes and other silly ones. Make sure you put all the punctuation marks, capitalized your titles and beginning and all the other writing stuff. It makes your post perfect.

* Try something new: when writing a post try to make the layout different every time you can. You can write a list post, or one paragraph, a short blog with one or two lines. People get bored with the same thing every time so try to pick up new layout whenever possible.

* Update: a blog is a place where the writer writes about a specific topic on regular basis. It shows the news (or posts) on the home page. People get the information whenever they go there. So, if you run a blog you MUST update frequently. You can't write once and then cut out for like a week or two. This way your readers will think this blog is dead and go to another one. If you want them to continue reading your blog you have to post more often.  Try posting twice or three times a week or one every day if possible.

* ? : What other points I fail to mention? Is there anything you do that makes your post worth to read? Share it here, I'd love to add it to my tips =) 


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