Monday, November 28, 2011

[Friday] 5 Minutes: Grateful

Today I'm going to link back at gypsy mama's blog where she writes about a topic every Friday in 5 minutes. That's right
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Today's topic is about: Grateful

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready



Just two days ago on 26 Nov. I turned 22 and I'm so grateful for that cause I learnt a lot by this age! You may think that this is a no big deal but of me it is. 

I'm grateful to ....
All my life I been through hardship and rough times and I made it until today in one piece. One piece of thinking the life is so good despite all the bad people and all the not-so-good things that happened in my life. I went through a lot but I learnt from them all. 

My thoughts and believes in good and doing good things didn't change a bit in fact they even got stronger after seeing it all. I realized this year how lucky I am. It's not due to my success, wealth, fame or anything else. It's all thanks to my god who I'm truly grateful to. 

All this years I thought I'll find the help from other places beside him and I was wrong. Even though I didn't worship him the greatly he still give me all the things I needed. That is all I need and I'm truly grateful too. I said this many times before but it was just saying. Now, I'm truly saying this from my heart and after all I went through I know to him I'm grateful and without him life wouldn't be as beautiful and great as it is now. 

Thank you my god for everything you did for me and the blessings you gave me. 
I'm grateful to you. 


Sorry about the mess guys and it's been a long time since I last updated my blog. You can even see the recent post is still 5 Minutes Friday. I didn't write much lately. 

Anyhow, I'd love to read what you're grateful to. Maybe I'll remember something and be thankful to it too. Gee! I used this word (grateful) many times. I know this post where she wrote about the same topic in July. You can read mine from here [link].

Don't forget the comments guys and stay warm, it's really cold these days =)


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