Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And it's Here

May you have a blessed 2013 new year.

Greetings will be going left and right, from east to west for the New Year. I’ll be adding my voice to them and wish along a happy and cheerful year. May it start with happy events and signs for things you were long waiting for.

Last year still looks new to me, as if we are in the beginning but we’re done already that shows how much time I spent focusing on one thing. Well, that’s over now and we’re off to a new start. This year will be different by god’s willing, I’m planning to carry things the other way. In fact, I already prepared for them in advance since December last year, and my blog is included as well.
I’ll take it as something not done everyday so I’ll give more space to myself and my readers. I’ll take my time and give a new look too.

Running a blog isn’t as easy as I thought maybe cause I did it the hard way sort of, but the lovely part about it is the writing itself. I love it so much and like talking my thoughts in here. Though it’s stressful somehow if you try to make it 100% perfect I was thinking of doing more. Just few days ago read this thing about how should one not worry what others think about him cause it’s the right and mature thing to do still we do look for their thoughts. Taking this in mind I’m planning to make a blog for my Japanese-kanji learning progress and one for my plushie too. I won’t make it compolsary as I did with this one but take it rather easy and write whenever it’s right.

The Japanese will be for my learning, tips to give away and people’s feedback and review of what I write. Plushie is almost the same, I’m not thinking of any tutorials just the way my softies turn out and stuff to give away. As for this blog I’ll try to make it something new with more creative and activating stuff.

As for now these are the new resolutions I have for the New Year. They are for online stuff only and I do have some outside the web world. What are your new resolutions for this year?!


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