Friday, July 8, 2011

[Friday] 5 Minutes: Grateful

Today I'm going to link back to gypsy mama's blog where she writes about a topic every Friday in 5 minutes. That's right
Only 5 minutes you write down your stuff about that topic. No editing or backing on it. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong just set the timer on 5 minutes and start writing. Once you're finished link your post back at here place. Okay!?  

Today's topic is about: Grateful

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?



I'm grateful to my god for making me who I am. Grateful to my two sisters who even if they act crazy some times they are always there for me. Grateful for living today. 
I'm even grateful to my enemies cause they showed me the true image of life and how to deal with people of their kind. Grateful to people who helped me out in my hard time and still there to help me whenever they can. 

Grateful to my teachers who bared us all these years to teach us all those wonderful lessons. Grateful to my parents for all they did for me until today. Grateful to my school mates for the wonderful times we spent together. 

Grateful to my readers who are reading this and sharing it who their friends. Grateful to myself for not hurting it and giving it tasks over it's own power. 

Grateful to everyone who did a favor to me even if I can't recall them right now. And lastly GRATEFUL  to you whoever is reading this now.  

Thank you very much. 


Again, I finished this earlier but this time only half minute was left. Anyway, that's all what I have to say about today's topic (Grateful) I know there are some mistakes but that's how the thing work, right ?!

Do leave a comment and I'll check yours too. See ya.


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