Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things That Make Life Beautiful

I know whenever it comes to life there's a lot to say about it. It's not always on one tone. Sometimes we get super happy, then again it disappoints us. In another day, it might be a surprise and of course there are days when you just wish you didn't come to this world. 

Life keeps on going no matter what, despite everything and everyone. We all know that life is short so we should enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some things that make life beautiful and worth living. It happens every day or more often but we just don't realize them from being busy all day and just keep asking for more and more. 

Of course they are more than 10 but I'm listing these as examples 
and showing you the bright sides of life =)

The Beautiful Things in Life:

1.  Living in a home with family. The blessing of house, what a wonderful thing it is. We got a place to return to whenever we are tired or want to rest. It's always there for us and our family to keep us company. 

2. True friends. The ones who always know how to cheer you up, they can tell when you are happy or when you are sad and try to lighten the load for you. 

3. Technology. The greatest of them all. Remember how life was in the past. If anyone wanted to search on a particular subject he had to go to libraries to read books and meet with professors to ask question and do many tiring stuff. Now, thanks to technology, everything became easy with just a click of button you can get anything you want. 

4. Education. You know how things works, how they occur, how to stop damages, and how to invent things. If it wasn't to the knowledge and education we receive none of these could have happened. See how lucky we are!?

5. The great feeling of finishing a task. Whether it's your job, homework, anything your friend asked you to do or even any member of your family; mother, sister, brother. You feel so great and you were a helpful person to that someone. It's a great feelings. 

6. The weekends. Know what it is like when you get hours and hours of work or study at school/ university. You feel so exhausted and want a break?! Good thing there's always the weekends were one can take a deep breath and rest for a while to get recharge and start working again with will and determination.

7. Delicious food. Home made, at restaurant, a friend made it for you or anyone. When you eat it you feel happy. For me personally I think it's one of the important things in life. Delicious food gives you apatite for eating and of course healthy food is important for good and long life. 

8.  Siblings. Sisters, brothers or even half of them! They are the ones who grow up with you and know all of your secrets. They might read your diary one day or told one of your bad habits to your parents or even embarrassed you in front of your friends. But no matter what you still remain the same. There's a special bond between you and no matter how many fights you have you always get back. They are blessing and make life a lot easier to live.

9. Having a job. The world is becoming tougher everyday. Money is needed and one of the essential things in life. Luckily you got a job where you can get all the money and spend it on your needs. There might be pressures sometimes but it's fulfilling what you want.

10.  Being healthy and able to move around without anyone's help. You can see, talk, hear and your full body is health. You can do your own stuff all alone without any help. It feels like you can do more than what you can ever think! Just try it out and don't be afraid. 

Okay, the list goes on but these are some of the stuff that came to my mind in the mean while. If you search you'll find more and more. Life is beautiful, it just needs a moment from us to realize that and stop complaining about whatever we didn't get and focus on the things we already have. 

So, what about you?! What things do you see made your life beautiful?! 


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