Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Self Teach is the Best Teach

While most of people attend schools, universities or even institutes when they are learning about a specific thing, there's always the self teach method at your hand. It's free and available at any time you want to start with. 

Some people believe in self teach more than any other tool. It's been my favorite & best of all ways in learning many things in my life. Here are some reasons why self teach is the best teach.

Why Self Teach?!

It Costs You Nothing
Like I mentioned before, self teach is free. You don't have to pay anything for it. Well, even if you do it won't be as much as you spend on a course or a travel outside for learning. It saves you a lot of money and useful in the same time. 

Available at the Reach of Hand
One of the greatest advantages of self teach is that you get to control the time. You can start whenever you want, finish it according to a fixed time you have in mind. Take it bit by bit or just do a hard study to end it on the go. Even if any obstacle came into your way of learning you won't have to stop unlike when you are having a course in an institute where you'll have to give excuse and stuff for leaving, being absent...etc. 

Takes Short Time
Well, it depends. Though in general self teach takes shorter time than studying anywhere else. This is because, like I said before, you get to control the time. Let's say that a guy went to study English or Spanish in the collage, it'll take it about 3 - 4 years to get him speak the language fluently. While when self teaching, the shortest time one can finish learning a language (or being able to speak it fluently) is from 6 months to one year. And that's of course, one of the reasons why self teach is better. 

Control of Information 
When you're receive knowledge from a certain source the amount of information is limited and you'll get just as much as they are planning to give you. Once you are doing it on your own you can choose as many sources as you like. You can even go through things that aren't taught in public places. You'll get to deal with original and native stuff. 

Building Personality and Confident 
This is personally what happened to me. A self teach probably always builds confident in someone. How?! When you do anything on your own it gives you the feeling of accomplishment. It gives you confident and you'll believe there's nothing possible, if you work for it you will get it. Also, learning on one's own helps him learn a lot rather than just receive information from a place without any creativity in thinking. 

If you are learning on your own right now, whether it's a language, design, driving, cooking, makeup, hair do, skin care, decor, sewing, teaching or anything else, that is definitely the best teach of all


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