Friday, June 17, 2011

Admitting Mistakes?!

Who in this whole world doesn’t commit mistakes?! Faults?! Chances are many. You may get into misunderstanding; maybe you’re young and still got a lot to learn on the way. Perhaps you did something for the first time and it went wrong. In anger time, when you weren’t thinking straight or any other times when you don’t do something right. 

It’s not about an action all the time. It could be a character within someone’s personality. Like they have short temper, too sensitive, snooty or any other bad manners. Some don’t realize how bad these manners are until they commit a mistake and make thing take a turn to the worse. At this point they know how wrong it was to act with foolish attitude. Now, it’s time to clean the mess and start all over again. Beginning with the mistake itself, to admit it and take in consider never doing it again in the future.

From what I experienced in life, I met those people who don’t easily just say they were wrong. They never confess their mistakes and faults. They think it’s more like lowing yourself and insulting it. Can you believe that?!

I mean like where they got such stuff from. When you say out and really know where your fault is, it’s a benefit for you. So that you won’t do it again. Like knowing your weak points and things that hold you back. That what’s called learning from your mistakes. It shows the things you can do and how to improve it.

For those who think that admitting their fault isn’t a good idea just for sake of their pride, they are the losers! Cause if they did something wrong believing it’s the best thing then they didn’t know what the world wants. They didn’t improve themselves.

Admitting mistakes here in means of improving yourself not lowing it as some people think. What are your thoughts about it?!

Do you confess when you’re the one who did the wrong thing?!
Or got other thoughts for your own mistakes ?!


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