Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thinking +++ Positive +++

One of the common phrases you always hear is to be positive but as they say it's easier said than it's done. So let's talk about being positive a little.

Thinking +++ Positive +++

To be positive is to think you can do it and everything will be fine. To have confident and trust in yourself. It's related with feelings and thoughts. Say that you are going for a job interview for the first time. When you convenience yourself you're able to do it and everything will be okay on your way that's thinking positive.

You see your thoughts reflect on your actions. Even if you are doing any task for the first time with the believe of ability of doing it you will success though it's the first time. The same goes on the opposite way.

You are very good at cooking and some important guests are coming at your place today. You might lack confident in yourself and start thinking negative thoughts such as you can't make it; you aren't that good and so on. When doing your stuff you mix up things that's because your actions are reflecting your thoughts even if you are really good at that particular thing you can't do it right if you think negatively

Feeling and thoughts are important and a dangerous things in the same time. They are very sensitive matter and get effected with the surroundings very easily and quickly. You should always watch what your doing and reading so that your thoughts be all good and optimistic. Same goes with your feelings you should control it and watch over. Human beings get carried away with their feeling most of the time. In face, a human being is all about feelings and emotions.
In any case whether it's feeling, emotion or thinking it's all depends on you and how you want to live your life. Program yourself and brain on a positive way and live in heaven. You can go the other way too only if you programmed yourself thought that way.

You're the one who have to will to make things work for you.  
So chose what you want and go with it B)


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