Sunday, June 26, 2011

Power of Words

Words have far greater power
Than this world will ever know,
For they can heal the broken-hearted
And cause the small and weak to grow.

They give hope to the tired and discouraged,
When said with a warm, loving smile,
And they can strengthen the step of the weary
As they travel that last rugged mile.

Yes, words can lift up the spirits
Of those who are bowed with despair,
For words can fill them with courage,
Because they show them how much you care.


Gentle words spoken at just the right time
Can soften a cold, hardened heart,
And in the dark times of doubt and of fear,
Strength, joy and peace they impart.

So think carefully about each word that you speak,
And how somebody may be affected,
For words can also kill and destroy,
If by love they have not been perfected.

So speak only words that encourage
And cause others in God's love to grow
Yes, speak only words of hope and of life
So the power of God's love will show.


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