Sunday, June 5, 2011

Add a Replay to Your Readers Comment in Blogger

As a blogger user you already know that when a reader writes down a comment in your post you can't reply back at him. Of course you can write another comment down his with an '@' mark but still that won't help much since the commenter won't receive any notification.

Blogger default comment system enables the reader only to comment and there's no feature that makes the author replay back. Unlink Wordpress blogging site that allows you to do so. Today I'm going to present a new commenting system for you that will make you able to solve this problem and it even works with any other blogging site such as, wordpress, tumblr, typepad, sandvox and many other. 

Set up is easy, just go to the site [link] and follow the instructions. If you have comments on your blog make sure that you import them to your new comment system (Disqus)!

Now let's talk about (disqus) features:

1. Reply option: First of all as I mentioned before it enables you to replay back to comments of your readers. You don't have to comments with '@' all you have to do it write right under they comments with the (replay) option. 

2. New look: it's look is totally new and cool and will add a touch of beauty to your blog style.

3. Moderating system: let's say that you wrote 3 blog posts today and when you came to check in you got lots of comment some of them with question. It would be exhausting to reply back one by one. With (Disqus) to can do all that in one step. 

When you're using it you'll get a new message for new comments just like what happens with bloggers. In the dashboard you'll get to see all the comments in one place for each post. You can comment back or delete in one place. 

4. Add image and video: (Disqus) enables you to add them on your comments.

5. Rating: Just like in facebook, whenever you like a blog post you can hit the like button. 

What do you think?! 
I personal see it a better way in commenting than the default system in blogger.  
What about you?!
Write down your opinion and thoughts I'd love to hear from you all.


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