Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank You

Two simple words yet have great meaning

When you thank someone you show them how grateful you are for the work or favor they did.

When you thank someone it's an appreciation toward a person who helped you out. 

When you thank someone you're acknowledging their stuff and hard work. 

When you thank someone you make them feel great and their work is pleased by you. 

When you thank someone others feel they were helpful and useful for the community. 

Thank you ~ just two smile words. People help each other or sometimes do great favor when we say thank you to them they feel great and love to continue their good works. When people are appreciated they love carrying on. 

Nowadays people are so busy that they even don't have time or forget to thanks those who have been doing a lot to them. I don't mean like say big speeches and lots of nonsense talk, just say how great their help was and it made things a lot easier on you - and sort of stuff. 


In our life there are lots of people who we should thanks for the known services they did to us through our life. First of them all are our parents. They did a lot for our education, living, learning, growing and other stuff to make us what we are today. 

Don't you think that they deserve some thank you in return!?  
~you can make it anyhow you like and show and grateful you are to them =] 

Second would be our teachers. Believe me not that I'm becoming a teacher I'm aware of their hard work with children. I defiantly understand how hard it is to control bunch of savage teenagers, bear their childish behave and teach them how to survive in this cruel world! All for their sake!!!

Of course friends too come along this list. The close ones specially. Those who shared our happiness and sadness with us. Were there in our good and bad times. Went to school together and have lot of adventures deserve our thanks as well. 

There are lots of other people too. These are just some of the important ones.

Did someone do a favor to you today and you forgot to thank them ?!
Who do you consider a great person who deserves your thanks and appreciations? why ?!


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