Friday, June 24, 2011

Managing Time

One of the things that people care about is their time and how to use it in what's beneficial to them. If you're one of those who were born in the early 80's or 90's you probably realize how time has changed and compared to that, people now are busier than any time ever. 


In the old days, they used to work and spend time with family and even themselves but now they've gotten so busy that they don't have a break time to rest or answer a call not to mention keeping in touch with important ones such as their family, wives and children. Not saying the old time was full of spare time but people back than at least used to work out on every side. 

As a person who always wants to make use of everything and success in life you have to mange your time. In order to do that you have to keep track of whatever you do, more like a schedule or a to-do list for everyday-month-day to day, however you like. 

Start off with your daily works, walk, eating times, going to school etc. Then, put down the stuff you are willing to learn and gain the skill in the particular period. For example, let's say that you're aiming to learn the kanji (Chinese characters) which are around 2000. It's a large number but you want to finish them fast. Put a schedule according to the time you want that to finish. Let's say 5 characters each day and you'll learn the half of it in about 6 months or so. 
That's just an example. 

When planning your list-to-do you should always take in consider one thing. You don't put too much works in it that doesn't suit your energy or time. Why?! 
because if you don't get results as you were hoping, you'll feel depressed and be like "what's the use of doing this?! it didn't work out!"  When you hope for big things with little time and don't see the end as you planned your mind will start to back up and don't want to continue with the plan. That's why you should start with a little thing, then once you get used to it you'll do it fast in the coming days add another thing - just one or two - and continue this way. 

Waiting for the right time to start!
Some people say that they'll mange their time when they are ready. They wait for the time, mood, season, people, materials, tools, etc. That's another wrong thing to do. 

If someone is to wait until everything is ready then he would never ever start at all! 

How long will he be waiting for the right moment to being?! 
if you write down a certain task and do it everyday on regular base, after a certain period you'll realize how far and improved you've got. And think of it on the other way, if you waited all the time doing nothing but hoping the right time will come then just count all the time you've wasted and the things you were about to do in that time. 

As I always say, being success in life has it's reasons and managing time is one of it. 
How do you mange yours?!


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