Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Friday] 5 Minutes: Wonder

Today I'm going to link back to gypsy mama's blog where she writes about a topic every Friday in 5 minutes. That's right

Only 5 minutes you write down your stuff about that topic. No editing or backing on it. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong just set the timer on 5 minutes and start writing. Once you're finished link your post back at here place. Okay!?

Today's topic is about: Wonder

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?



First, I wonder what will the readers think about my post and what will they write for me. 

- I wonder how I used to understand things no one told me about. 

- I wonder why I am so different. People usually act according to where they live, people around them and what they learn but I chose a path of my own. 

- I wonder about the new girl I am today and the changes that happened to me. 

- I wonder how I'm surrounded with all negative people yet I think very positive as if they are the one who are helping me out. 

- I wonder why I love thinking few steps ahead when others don't even bother themselves thinking of what will happen today.

- I wonder I succeeded in the hardest time when there were no one at my side. 

- I wonder how I understood things no one explained for me. 

- I wonder if I will achieve my goal of being a successful business woman in the future. 

- I wonder how I completed my education in such rush time in the past. 

- I wonder how I'm still stick with my works and didn't go bad like those who weren't blessed with good life.


I know that today isn't Friday, I'm a bit late but it's okay. I can still write this. Oh, and when I was writing I used an online timer which is pretty neat. You can use it too from here [link]. 

Now it's your turn. Write about (Wonder) in 5 Minutes and link back to Gypsy Mama


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