Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Great Widgets for Your Blog (Blogger)

Here are 5 widgets which I believe are very handy and also must be in every blog cause they help to get you more traffic plus it put a special touch on your blog theme and style.
1. Link with in: a related post widget, at the end of every blog post there will be a bar for other post similar to that. This is very handy widget and readers most likely will get to read your other posts as well.

2. Add this: it's the number 1 sharing and bookmarking site. Allows you to put it on your sidebar for sharing the blog or at the end of each post for sharing the post itself. I strongly recommend this one for the high traffic it brings. 

3. Disqus: a plugin widget that enables you to reply back at readers comment. I've wrote a post about it. You can read that from here [link].

4. Recent Tweets: I know there are many other widgets but this one is the best - in my opinion- it displays your recent tweets and a link to your account there. Not to mention it adds a lovely touch to your blog.

5. Feedjit: possibly the best widget for traffic source. It tells you where your visitors are from and how did you got on your page via search engine, social media or other way. 

Sure there are many other widgets but these which I found helpful and as I mentioned before they are a must for every blogger. 

Is there any other widget that you think is important and useful and I'm missing it ?! 
Please comment down writing about it and I'll put it up in my blog as well =]


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