Thursday, March 1, 2012

5 Great Uses of Twitter, the famous micro blogging site. Nowadays, you'll hardly find any page, site, brand, people without a twitter account to follow back. It's a great site, with little things you can get huge and hot information from the real time. 

Today, I'll give you 5 simple yet great uses of twitter cause I believe there are many out there asking why and how to use this site. I know I did ask these questions when I was a beginner there. 

  5 great uses of twitter

1. Keeping in touch
With micro blogging in no more than 140 letter you can get to update your news so your friends and followers will know what you are up to and catch up with you.

2. Sharing
You can twit links to your sites, galleries, albums, blogs, stores and whatever you want to world to know about. People look for these every now and then and sharing them might give your place a little more traffic, visitors ...etc. 

3. Latest news from real time
The one cool thing about twitter than its news it hot, meaning it's not an old news. When you search you'll find what people are saying in the exact time. That gives you fresh things to read. 

4. Chat and replies
You can get to talk a little with your followers or reply back in the same time with them to any question they ask you, a suggestion or just talk for sake of talking! 

5. Finding people of your interest  
Hit search of click on the tag/search work to find people with the same interest as you. More over they will be sharing the same knowledge as you do which makes it even more interesting.

Twitter has become one of the must-to-use and social media these days. If you're not there yet then go and make your account and get ready to have loads of fun.

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