Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Brave

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week. 

5 minutes only , you speak your mind about that certain topic. No backing, no over thinking. Just let your heart write whatever it has. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong. Express yourself and be free. 

Won't you join me too for today's topic which is about: Brave

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?



Brave is to be honest. 

Brave is not to be afraid from doing what you want. 

Brave is knowing when you are wrong and admitting it. 

Brave is saying sorry and meaning it. 

Brave is being fair to your enemies.

Brave is to tell your true opinion about things. 

Brave is to tell people your true thoughts without changing them to theirs. 

Brave is to tell others politely when they are wrong and when to stop. 

Brave it to tell who upper than you that they are being wrong. 

Brave is the humble feature in an honored person. 

Brave is not just facing the fear but stopping the anger... 
Cause the anger is something that comes and you act toward it just to cool your fire while stopping violence needs work and self control which no one easily can do. So it's brave

Brave is to tell those who you are with how much they mean to you. 

Brave is to help someone when everyone else left him. 

Brave is when you be a true guide of yourself. 

Brave is the word that has all the brave in it.  


What is your thought about Brave?!


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