Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Download] Emotions - Part 1

Also read part 2 of this serial.

Feeling super hyper?! Really amazed at your friend's new?! Got a hot topic?! You are so emotional but just don't a text chat and want to express your feeling?!  

Emotions is your way to do it!

It has become one of the many things people use over the net these days. Mostly used at a major in chatting and I do admit it gives a lively atmosphere to it. A little collection of emotions are always fun to use at conversations, forums, journals or anywhere else you enjoy. 

Here are are 3 sets of really great smileys: 

 Name: Bubbles
Emotions: 20
Download: [Link]

 Name: Crispy
Emotions: 45 
Download: [Link

Name: Aqua Gloss 
Emotions: 40 
Download: [Link]

Do leave a comment expressing your feeling when one of these smileys. I'd loving hearing your thoughts and opinions about them and look up for part two of this emotions sets =)

Also you can check the other post about pixel smiley that I posted from here [link]. 


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