Sunday, March 4, 2012

That's Why You Need One More Language


One of the ways to communicate with people. We all know that the first language everyone learns is their mothers since she's with them from the beginning of their life. That's why it's called the mother tongue.  
As you go to school, life, do a business or just out of interest you learn a new language. Some take it as an option while others think it's important and compulsory like in business. In any way, learning another extra language is a good thing. 

It's not just about words are phrases in another language but it's more.

Why another language?!

Like I've mentioned before, talking in another language might be important. For instance, if you're in another country other than your hometown and you're going to school there you have to learn their language in order to get the education. Another one could be when you are in a business dealing with people from around the world, a new language will be a must and benefits you for sure. Sometimes traveling requires this skill too. 

Communicating and understanding 

When you are taking another language to learn you are communicating with people from another culture. We know how the world is wide and there are many different people from different places and so much knowledge. Knowing how to talk in their tongue language will help you know how people live, their believes, behaves, life style and exchange culture information with them. This also helps to understand what the other side likes and treat them that way they want to develop the perfect living with each other in harmony and understanding.  

In return, this process can work the other side too. You might teach and show the ones you're learning their language how you're life style is and tell them about your believes, thoughts and culture. When two are talking in one language it creates an atmosphere of  familiarity and friendlily. They want to share more, talk more, stick more and tell more of what they got.  

Speaking in another language lifts the misunderstandings and makes the world more of a one place to get along with others. Languages are not about words and phrases all the time, it's about cultures and behaves. 

 Life style in another language 

If you ever been on a trip or did business with another country you'll notice that language alone won't be a help. You need their body language, as well as the customs and traditions. Even if you can talk in the exact words and sentences they do, we won't get into them unless you act like one. That means it's becoming like them. Not as you give up all YOU and be all THEM. Just few things, like greeting customs, talking and paying attention to body language, considering their points of view and their style of talking. 

Global knowledge

This benefits you the most on the internet. True there are other places but this is where it comes handy the at high rates. There are times when you can't find a certain info about something unless you look it up on another site, that of course could be in another language. If you know one extra one, you can use that for your advantage. I mean like not all parts of the world have the same knowledge, some might share something the other don't. If you can speak their language you can easily take from them and use it for your good. 

Learning one more language for any reason is not a bad idea at all. It can be a use for you at any time and any place. Even if you can't find a proper use for it, you can leave it like that just for fun. After all, those who know more than one languages are considered as special talented and unique people ;)


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