Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's Talk Positively!

Talking is one of everyday thing we do. It's our way to express feelings, thoughts, give orders, get stuff, teach, learn, cheer people up and communicate with others around us. As been something done almost all day long, it's a good idea to make the most out of it. 

Talking can be used in a good as well as bad way. You can encourage your friends with positive words when they are down and make their day. Sometimes, when they are in need you can give them tips and advices to solve their problems. On the other hand, you can ruin a couples relation when you gossip about them, or hurt anyone with saying harsh words. 

So, it's more like a tool being used in any way depending on the method you rule it with.

Having a good conversation requires some simple tips to get the best results. You can benefit others or get it for yourself, either way it's all positive.

Some things you should pay attention to when having a conversation or talk in general:  

* Be a good listener
There are people who are hasty and jump to conclusion right after they hear the first few words of the news. You should be patient until the speaker ends his talk. Remember, always give them time until they get to the end of their talk. 

* Think before you speak
Make sure of the info you are about to say, don't just spread anything you got once you heard it from here and there. It might turn out wrong and people will lose interest in hearing your talk again later on. Let the things be sure, conformed and from original source. 

* Consider 
Keep people's thoughts and opinions in mind. You might know a sensitive person who doesn't like certain stuff but in the same time they are shy to state that. When you talk about things they don't like, you'll just be a bother to them and they will avoid you. This also hurts their feeling that you aren't considering them. Learn people's nature before saying anything to them. 

* Pick the right words
If someone ever bothered you or been rude and you want to tell them to stop it then do it and express your thoughts to them, but! Be careful, don't be harsh! You have to pick the right words to send them the message that you want, otherwise if you're not careful with your words the situation might be worse. They'll think you're just attacking back and a war will start. Just put yourself in that person's shoes and think of the words you would likely want to get if you were they. 

* Accept and respect
Not all the people are same. We are different that makes us what we are. In talking about a hot or any other topic you'll notice how everyone has a opinion of his own. They may not all agree with yours but you'll just have to know that yours is yours and others' are others. If everyone is forced to have the same idea about something then the value of thoughts will be lost. After all, different opinions shows the different personality that everybody have and they all got their own one which makes them unique and none like others. 

* Express 
Whenever you had an accident or misunderstanding for any reason and you had a thought in your mind, don't go like: "If only they would  know!", "If only they could understand!" Just spell it out! Cause that thing you have in mind, no one will know about it unless you speak it out. Don't accept people will know by their own, stop acting and get things straight.  

* Interest talk
I'm not talking about it as in interesting conversation but what people are interested in. Like for example you don't talk about politics with those who love comedy and fun, or horror with nerds, adults stuff with kids and whatever that doesn't fit the audience's attention. You won't get anything out of it and it'll turn into a talk without any interest to hear.  
People talk all day long, the result of the talk is up to the speaker. Whether you talk good or bad you'll get the result out of it. So, why not take advantage and use it for your sake?! 

What other things you follow when having a conversation with people?! 


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