Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[ReBlog] Ideas X Ideas

Reblog post of another most viewed one. It was written last year. 
Enjoy, get inspired and may you have a lots of bright and brilliant ideas =)

When you want to make a new project, whether it's for your job, school, university, family member, your own self or anything else you need new and unique ideas for it. 

You want your project to be cool and none like other. Thus, you go to a journey on finding what's best. A great chain of good ideas is not a bad thing. Today, I'm going to tell you a few ways on how to get inspired with ideas and improve them to the best. 

Ideas X Ideas 
* One of the most recommended ways to get inspired is reading. It's an age-old method that's been used for years and years. Reading is the solution for everything. Education, improving reading, speaking, getting inspired, solving your problems and of course getting ideas.  

Read whatever you can, blogs, books, articles, notes, newspaper, journals Just anything. Online or offline doesn't make much difference. Some of the most common places on the net are: Wikipedia Encyclopedia, Facebook, Blogger, World Press, and of course Google.

* Ideas can get into your head from anywhere. Reading is one of the ways. Another one could be going out and observing the world around you. Yeah! This could be really inspiring! You just don't know where the next idea will hit you from. 

Go the to street and see how people behave and what they do. Pass along the park and watch the children play. You may get something even by staying along and just staring at the sky. Thoughts go through everyones mind when they are on their own. Who knows you might have an idea from those thoughts. 

*  Now that you have what you've been looking for I'd strongly recommend you to write that whatever you got down. We people are always busy with life and it's easy for us to forget about things around us. Plus, writing helps emphasizing the idea. I know this person who whenever gets an idea doesn't write it despite the many times I reminded her to do so. Later, after some days she comes again and asks me about it cause simply she forgot what it was! That is why you have to write it down so you won't lose. You can look at it from time tom time and add new information to it however you see they are needed.

*  When your idea is (fresh) and you just got it (hot) from the (oven) I suggest you to start with it right away. Cause in that state a person's mind is so excited and filled with determination. If you are going to look up for tools to begin you better make it fast or else you excitement for the getting on with the idea will fade. This is how a human's brain work and if you allow the function of your body to go with your actions you will get the best results ever.

* There's a saying goes along the line (You can't get everything done right at the first go) so you gotta bear in mind that your idea might go well or might not. Don't fall apart. It's a natural thing and there's no need to worry about it. Just gather your stuff and start all over again. Now that you know what's wrong and what's right your next result will be better from before. Just don't be afraid of failing cause this is how things work. You have to carry on.

* Even when you get your work done by any numbers of trying you can always see what it is like if you took another turn. Meaning trying different things. A good idea is okay but producing it from different side is better. You can keep on changing and learn new things in the same time you can see how your idea works with different methods. 
These are some of the tips I follow to get inspired with an idea and how I develop them. 
What do you do when it comes to ideas?! And how do you develop them to the best?! 

Share your thoughts guys, I'd love hearing from you all =)


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