Monday, March 19, 2012

[Download] Emotions - Part 2

Also read part 1 of this serial. 

With the many material and media on the net that people use to express their feeling, emotions or smileys as some call them has still remind the classic and favorite time of all to use for status expressions. 

 Using a variety of emotions to add in your posts, blogs, journals, forums and specially chatting brings up a lot of fun. As I shared 3 sets of really awesome emotion in my last post, today will give you the second part of it. Don't forget to check on the pixel smileys as well =) 

Here are the 3 new sets of emotions:

 Name: Blueish
Emotions: 30
Download: [Link

Name: The Black
Emotions: 27
Download: [Link]  

 Name: Spirited
Emotions: 40
Download: [Link]  

Well guys, that's it!

As always, love hearing your thoughts and opinions about these. Do leave a link to your blog too if you're like me. I like reading from all of you. Until then, enjoy =)


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