Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Earning, Means or Goal!?

Money, people have a lot to tell about.

Some just give their lives to get it while others don't care about it at all either cause they have it from the first place or not really into it. There are those people who take it as means of living to cover up whatever they need. In everything cases there's on saying about money and that's it doesn't bring happiness. 

It's true that money itself can't do anything for you but it's a way for doing it. I believe strongly that it's one of the essentials in life where one can't live without no matter how much or what people say you'll always notice them working their ass off just to get few bucks. It's important and whoever said that it doesn't bring happiness was wrong for sure. 

When you are upset and want to lift up your spirit you do anything to cheer up again, get come food, eat chocolate, buy some games or do whatever pleases you. These things don't just pop up like that you have to pay in order to get them that means you used money to be happy again and it's the same as buying happiness. 

This is just a point of view of mine cause I really get upset whenever I hear that saying. There are people who need money and when they hear things like it's unnecessary they feel like their need is nothing as they say. Ever since people lived on earth they looked up for things they need but they also didn't just want to give it away like that. They wanted to make use of things so they thought of exchanging it with other they don't need. That idea developed a lot until the money came. You can buy anything with any amount. 

Money can do miracles for you and those whoever say that it's not the reason for happiness are totally. Look at the poor ones in the roads, why do they beg for money when it's not necessary?! And why do they say they are happy without it and yet ask for it?! 

Money could be a mean in life not a goal but it's important to have it, it may not bring happiness but it's a way to get it.  So, what do you think of money now?!


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