Monday, October 22, 2012

Words On People

People come on many shapes and types. 

There are the ones you love to stay with for long hours and hours for they way they treat you. Their talk is so fun that you wish to stay with them forever. You like the old and sweet memories they give back you. 

There are people who are silent, never say a word. We can't really tell what's with them cause stay quite means a lot. It could be that they are afraid of others and don't want to get in danger. Maybe they are the ones who think they are higher from other and don't look down at other. Or it could be that they don't care much, more like in-talkative people. Some don't give until you start with them. They vary a lot. 

Human build their relation with others according to the experience they had in the past. You could be a guy who loves adventure meeting new people all over the place. It would be fun meeting everybody everywhere you go. Or some people don't like knowing more for whatever unwanted event they had in the past. 

More or less it's whats left in your heart. Memories are something precious, they are brought up your day as they can bring you the blues. Choosing people in your life is really important and more than just who you study, work or go to collage with. The effect they'll leave in your life with go forever.

What thoughts do you got about people?!


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