Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Facts That Don't Change

These are few things I learnt from life and sharing it as thoughts of the day ...

1. Age is matter of time.
2. People never EVER change.
3. Tear and blood don't convince anyone.
4. While death & truth are hated & no one cares about.
5. If you have an idea on your mind the best is start it right away.

6. There's nothing better then the oldies ( time & stuff ).
7. Love is sweet but unfortunately it lost it's meaning & value these days.
8. What's found now can be lost tomorrow, so grab it today!
9. No one can tell what will happen in the future just be ready for it.
10. Expect anything in your life;
no matter how lucky you are a bad thing could happen,
or how unlucky you are a good thing might happen.

11. You can live your life without love but not without money.
12. Brain or money aren't enough on their own, you need both to work out best together.
13. Stopping knowledge is going backwards.
14. Every buddy loves themselves.
15. Getting something by learning is defiantly nothing like getting it by experience .

Well, these are some stuff I knew in this life, I see them as facts that don't change - I think you too agree with me on some of them, no? - the are unchangeable because I worked on them and succeed in my life. 


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