Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haterd Hurt

I'm the kind of person that whenever I give, I give from the bottom of my heart which means if someone received that in a bad will hurt my heart deeply. Cause it'll reach the place where it came from that's why whenever I dislike anyone I do it really badly. 

I'm open with anyone even strangers even though they are danger but I think it's okay and a kindness heart may change someone's heart. But once they cross the red line it's impossible for them to give back on how I used to be with them before. 

When someone is kind it's just their nature and not for a certain people or reason. It's within them. Recently I had a problem occurred in my work place where I held a position for taking responsibility for others and did it as faithfully as I could and some took advantage of my age. I let that go but as they hurt my sincerity I couldn't just forgive them and stayed cold and quiet ever since because really human beings have their own meaning no matter how low they social level it, in the end we are all human with feelings. 

About month ago one of the co-workers that hurt me had an operation. I so didn't feel anything toward her but once a girl went to visit there and insisted on me to see her I went just for her. She told me that it may change one's heart and I gave it a try. 

Today she came back to work after 3 weeks. I couldn't forgive her for what she did but still felt like it's a must for me to ask about her and see how she's doing. I mean like my heart wants it but the hater is keeping me away from what I want it's like avoiding me from doing a desired thing. I let all that go and talked with her, and let me tell you that she was surprised. After all what she did she thought I won't care but I did just because I wanted to. 

Haterd hurts!

It's keeps you away from things you want to do and which are your nature. Even if things happen your do things differently and it's not upon what or how others treat you, it's just you are a lot more higher than them and that's how you become a kind, gentle and royal person.


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