Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Written

Life is always going up and down, you won't find it in one tone for once. 

People's life isn't the same. You can see the rich guys who don't even wish for something before it's in front of their own eyes. Then there are the simple ones who do their best and make their won heaven with their won faithful hands and let's not forget the misfortune ones who just don't know why they are in this world. 

Each one of them didn't choose this life to live, it's all written. Whether good or bad is something we didn't want, it's written in our destiny. Say the rich people's babies, do they even know or care where they are born?! All they need is someone to take care of them which is their mother and that's it. It's their destiny to be rich. 

Everybody got their own destiny, whatever life you are on now was decided before. I sure not saying that it's a bad or hopeless thing, it's just when the next time something bad happens don't be upset cause that's something is meant for you. Who knows the reason behind it?! Maybe to teach you a lesson, you make you stronger, to search for the meanings of it and so on. 

Destiny will concern misfortunes more than anyone else. They keep on feeling bad about it cause of all the bad things they face. It's written that's way for you and you have to do your best to live with your fate. If you oppose it you may hurt yourself with means that are not for you. If you take what's yours you'll feel peace at heart. 

This topic may not be something people discuss more often 
but it's doesn't hurt to give it a thought.  


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