Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Friday] 5 Minutes: Loss

Today I'm going to link back to gypsy mama's blog where she writes about a topic every Friday in 5 minutes. That's right

Only 5 minutes you write down your stuff about that topic. No editing or backing on it. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong just set the timer on 5 minutes and start writing. Once you're finished link your post back here place. Okay!?

Today's topic is about: Loss

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?



Today's topic is something is usually don't talk about. I don't like talking about it anyway. Cause I don't really got that much people in my life that I don't want them to go away. Plus, I write about cheerful stuff in my blog and things that inspire you guys so I'll write from a different point of view. 


Loss... in my sights is that when someone stops doing his stuff just because he failed once in it. Failing is learning from your life experience while stopping at once is your lose. You will go nowhere and remain a loser

Loss... when you treat people badly with horrible behave. Either if they did something wrong to you or just because you are like that. There's no harm done is being nice. And at the end of your life or any time you will remain alone with no one to company you. And that's your loss

Loss... when you think that every stuff about you is not worth it. How do you even know without trying it?! You can't tell unless you really do

Loss... when you don't believe in god and think everything came in life just like that! He's giving you everything and more than you can ever ask. So, why don't believe in him?! he will punish those who disobey him and that's your loss


 I get the same mistakes with "in", "is" and "it" I need to write more to improve my writing skills. Also, sorry about repeating the word "stuff" I'm truly late about this. I didn't check my e-mail yesterday and Ggpsy mama sent out that e-mail update to me late - or was it I the one who read it late! - anyhow, that's it. 

Leave your comments with your links to your blog and I'll write my thoughts about it. 

Thank you :)


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