Friday, July 22, 2011

True Friendship …. What is it Like?!

Friendship is one of the common relationship people have in life. It can start easily and over time it might be the best friend you ever had. A true friend.

So, what is a true friend? And how is he special from others?
There are some qualities in a true friend that you won't find in anyone else. 

1. A true friend is honest.
Just the way they are. They show you their true selves and don't fake a personality on you. You know their intention from their honesty. If ever something new happens and doesn't seem to be right they let you know.

2. A true friend is fun, unique and interesting
I mean, yeah! Sure!
Otherwise if you're not interested in him he won't be a true friend to you, right!?
Friends are fun in many ways, either the kind that likes jokes, play pranks on people or just loves life they way it is.

3. A true friend feels you
They can tell how you feel just by looking at your face, eyes. Whether you are happy, upset, shocked or anything is bothering you. You don't have to say it they can see that in you. A true friend is adaptable and can go with his friends mood and style.

4. A true friend is supportive for you.
They know your interests, goal and what matter you the most. They will help you to reach them and never drag you to things that make you feel uncomfortable or won't succeed in.

5. A true friend is someone you can trust.
They won't take your job, project, friends or personality. You can feel free to share such matter with them. Not that they won't hurt you and keep your trust in them but they will even help you out when you need them.

6. A true friend is a caring friend
They show it their way. Some hug you others like teasing you. Even those who sometimes get mad at you for something they do it cause they care for you and whatever happens to you. They also keep in touch many ways to know your latest happenings.

7. A true friend is there all the time.
Good or bad. Happy or sad. They are always there. They don't leave you on your hard times even if it seems that the whole world left you out you will find them there waiting to hear your story and do their best to solve it out.

8. A true friend expects you for who you are.
Even if you are on big BUTTHEAD. They will still like you just like that. They don't ask you to change for them. They know your faults and mistakes and know how to deal with them. So patient over them even if they are – heavy – ones.

Shortly, a true friend is more like your mirror and someone who you love to be treated by. Cause simply they treat you just they way you want :) 


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