Monday, July 11, 2011

Ask Yourself: Are You Happy?!

Life is a rough place to live in and people do their best to survive and carry on. Everyone's main goal is to have a comfortable and satisfying life. How have you been doing so far ? Are you happy with your current situation?!

Ask yourself these questions to find out: 

 * Your life *
- What is your purpose in life?  
What are you living for?! What is the thing you work for hard everyday, wake up in the morning and get busy until the evening. What is the thing that takes all your time. Do you have a certain goal you are living for or just eating, drinking and sleeping as if you're any other normal creature on earth!?

- How do you deal with problems?
Do you stand on and solve the problem or just run away thinking it will be okay that way and the problem is gone ?! Do you learn from what comes on your way?! They are there's for a reason, remember ?! I posted a topic about it in one of my previous posts.

- Did you work hard for your goal?
Do you see any difference from the old you and the new current you? Did you learn more now about things in life than 10 years ago? Do you understand things easily and fast!? Or feel that nothing much has changed in your life!?

* Your Attitude *
- What are your weakness points?
You should know them not as lowing yourself but to be aware of them and work until you overcome them. Same goes with your strength points you should work to make them more useful to yourself.

- Do you hurt others?
This happens sometimes without really meaning to hurt them. Some people's nature is like hurting others but they don't really realize this. Put yourself in others shoes and see what is your reaction toward it and notice how you really treat people.

- Are you honest?
Do you really do as you say and say as you do ?! or talk to much and do less?! Are you really telling yourself that you're wrong when you're really wrong or just overlook your mistakes. Be yourself is the best way of being honest.

* Your Thoughts *
- How do you see life?
Are you a positive or negative person? Do you look forward to everyday or think that the world will come on to an end by any time! You thoughts will always reflect on your actions that's something I mentioned in the confident post.

- What are your believes?
Do you believe in every good things? Believe that there is a god that looks over the world? Believe in goodness in people and yourself!? Or think that everyone is a devil in humans form!?

- What other things that matter ?!
Are you asking yourself enough questions to find out how you're doing in your life. What other question you need to ask yourself? Look for them and you'll find out :)


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