Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time to Take a Break

Sometimes when your troubles get too much and you can't handle them much further

it's time to take a break.

When you seem like can't concentrate anymore and want to breath a little air

it's time to take a break.

When you feel like you're at the end of your rope and all hopes are gone

it's time to take a break

When you're all messed up and don't know where or what to start with first

it's time to take a break.

When everything seems to be coming at one time

it's time to take a break.

This world is a crazy place. Even though you do your best to schedule your tasks and manage your time still you get lost, out of line and everything seem to be upside down. Right in this time all you need is a little break!

A break to let your brain rest and take a little time out to work again perfectly.
A break to let your body slow down from all the hard work and restore it's power.
A break for yourself to let your soul relax and give it a free time to feel the peace. 

Breaking won't hold you back nor it will delay you from your works. In fact, it's an important factor for your success and better performance. If you work on with a lazy body or a mind that can't think properly anymore you might get your stuff done wrong. The best way to solve this is to take a little cut time and restore yourself again. Power, piece, relaxation and so on. 

If you're on great stress while reading this post or came here to know how to over come it I strongly suggest you to shut down your PC right now and take a cold glass of lemonade or other favorite juice of yours - it's okay to add 2 or 3 cubes of ice  - and go to the garden to relax. And if you're lazy like me just lay on the couch and feel the peace. 

Do come back here again later and let me know how do you feel, okay ?! :)


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