Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pictures Privacy mentioned before in one of my earliest post about privacy in the interest. That doesn't limit just there. Privacy is also applied else where like your personal stuff in cells phones, memories, iPhones or any other storage drives.

As you already know, pictures are one of those stuff that people give special privacy to. You don't usually put out all of your photos online or upload them all to facebook! Some are private and only can be seen by friends and family. Maybe just for yourself! times when you need to do a little format to your PC or take it to the store to fix it, you surly delete your photos after saving them elsewhere. However, we know that there are programs that allow you to recover files even when they are deleted. Like using iCare Recovery.

Therefore, you need to do something about it. That even when it's recovered from deleting the picture will be empty and won't be any use for anyone.

Follow these steps for insecure  privacy to your pictures and photos:

1.       Once you chose your picture, select it then right click and open with (Notepad).

2.      This is what your picture looks like with codes. 

3.      Select it all and choose (Del) from the menu (Edit).

4.      Save your file without changeing anything. 

Now, open that picture again. What do you see ?! Empty, right?!
This way you can be sure that no one will get their hands on your privacy even after you deleted them B)

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