Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Be Afraid

Did you ever work you best for something then you didn't get the result you wanted ?!
Or met people who gave treated you away you never deserved to?!
Maybe a whole day was going with bad lucks?! Your day wasn't that good ?!
Fail in discovering some thing ?! Didn't reach your goal yet ?! kept on failing in certain matter ?!

Then don't be afraid to try again.

Like you know it's not the end. The end is when you stop doing what you used to do. For example, if you tried your best to get a good job and you didn't find it that doesn't mean it's the end or there is no where you can find what you want. You have to keep on searching and moving forward. The end is when you stop looking for what you want just because you couldn't find it in the first place. This way you can never learn.

People are mean, the world is cruel, luck is never there with us and so goes the other things. But if you want to survive you have to learn from mistakes and stuff you meet in your life. Failing once isn't the end of the world. Make it a lesson. Take bad treatment as experience, learn from different events and matters and most importantly ... 

don't be afraid to try again. 

Don't give judges right away. If you fail don't say: "I'll never get it right!". If you meet bad people with bad behaves, don't lock the door on yourself and stop meeting others just because of a signal person. If a method didn't work don't say: "It's impossible!" Try other ways and tactics. It's important to keep on trying.

Don't be afraid to do that, cause it's your best way to move forward and develop to the best.


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