Friday, July 22, 2011

Handling Life From Different Sides


Whenever I hear this word I believe everyone got their own thoughts about it. But there's one thing for sure that no one disagrees about … that it's unstoppable.

Though that, many things happen in life. We all know how it differs from a person to another, city to city, country to country, culture to culture even nation to nation. It's unstable at some points and don't stay in one situation all the time.

For those who have a paradise life it's okay for them to deal with it. While others who didn't have it all still see the beauty of life somehow or another. In anyway, life can be at your side then another day against you.

What does that mean?

Suppose you are a guy of great life, style, cool friends and everything you ever wanted. Don't expect that all to be the same forever. There will be times when things are hard on you and lost others  you never even know they were there from all the blessing around you.

I’m not trying to be gloomy here but I'm just saying that you should be prepared for any situation in life. Some people, of great blessings, get lost and break down whenever a small incident happens in their life. They weren't expecting it. They just thought that life would be at the side all the time. That might leave you to a frustrating situation and unable to handle life anymore.

You got to be ready for everything. Not like expect the bad all the time. But know that one day will be hard on you and you have to deal with that.

Of course, that doesn't apply for lift only. Friends and people too sometimes change. Or they don't be your friends anymore. Maybe, change in attitude. It sure is hard when a dear person who spend most of his/her time with you changes but if you put in mind that any person will be just the way he/she is and never change though time, then when they show you their other face, it will be a shocking thing for you.

I'm not telling you to think badly over your friends or don't get a friendship with anyone. Just pointing that people are people don't imagine them as angles so that one day if any of them they change you won't broke down or be disappointed. Take them as they are. Even if something happens try to help them. If they don't come back you are the one who will suffer from trying.

Life is a surprising thing. Just like a chocolate box. You just don't know what you will get from it. But one thing for sure, you gotta deal with it from different sides and situations.   


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