Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 New Hobbies for 2012

Here it is

As the new year comes everybody puts up their resolutions to this year. One of the fun things to do is add a new hobby to your list that won't cost you anything and in the same time you will gain new experience, skill, have fun and of course build confident and discover how much you can really make. 

So, here are 12 hobbies to add  into your resolutions list: 

1. Reading: this is my personal favorite. I love reading for anything. You can read in your free time, when you are waiting for someone, before going be bed and any time you feel like it. You can keep a list of your favorite books that you finished this year or attending to do so. 

2. Writing: You don't have to be a writer. All what I'm saying that just take a notebook, journal or anything you want and your pen then write down whatever you have in mind. Express your feelings and thoughts. Just letting these out will give you a great filling. It's fun and relaxing in the same time. 

3. Cooking: don't go for big and pro dishes just try some snacks and easy recipes you like. It's an accomplish feeling you make something and it's really delicious. You can even share it with your family, friends or anyone else. 

4. Crafting: Origami (paper art), carving on wood, plushie, sawing or anything. This serves you a lot. And if you're work is well done you can sell them online. So, this one is more of hitting two birds with one store. You love it too <3 

5. New Language: okay, you may not finish a language in a year (I'm talking in general here, cause one CAN really finish it in a of period from 6 months to a year but that's another story!)  but you can cut a not-so-bad part in it. Learning a new language isn't just about speaking, it's about the culture and country as well. It's be more fun and you don't really know when will it be handy to you. 

6. Spots: it's not just about a hobby sometimes, it's more than that. You can keep fit with any sport. Plus, you'll have a healthy life. It's fun, even if you can't take any of the sports you can always consider walking. It always burns some fats~!

7. Poems: I know this needs a special talent but for human beings nothing is impossible if they work for it. You can start by reading poems in books or online. Take a paper and a pen then just write what's in your heart with feelings. Don't worry if you get it wrong, this is not a school home work and it's just for you. 

8. Gardening: this is an exciting hobby. It's awesome wonderful to see how nature changes and the beauty they hold. Just take small seeds, plant them and take good care of them to see the best result. 

9. Make-up: Of course, this is a good hobby if you are a girl. If you are a boy then it's okay too. It will help you if you're gonna work in a salon. You can do it with your friends or try new style for yourself. In any case, it's always exciting. And don't forget, the real beauty is what you are like from the inside. 

10. Computer Software: technology is one of the important things nowadays. Learning one software everyday could be useful to you and you can benefit from that anywhere else.

11. Run a Blog: okay, maybe a journal, a tumble account, or anything that you can posts topics and ideas within. It's fun to share your thoughts with the world and say what they have for you in return. 

12. Dancing: for me I consider it something like a sport cause there's where you move your body. Other can count it a single hobby. Dancing is another great item you can add to your list. It will help you to learn how to move flexibly with talent and it sure gives a good feeling for a new year's hobby. 

Many wishes of happiness, health and success to you guys =)


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