Saturday, January 7, 2012

Contentment~! The Endless Treasure

Let me ask you something, how's your life going?! 

Are you happy with the way you are!? 
Or working to get yourself a better life?! 
Do you consider yourself one who didn't get blessed with God's gifts?! 
and living your life everyday in a misery?! 


As I always say, people's goal in this life is mainly to have a comfortable living style. Less work more money and lasting rest and relaxation. You just can't live like that unless you really have a the materials that allow you to enjoy life in such way. Some people work to their bones, others are blessed and live in heaven. The don't have to do anything at all. The money just comes to them. It's their destiny to have all these. 

Even though you do your best you find yourself sometimes the saddest person in the whole world! I know, it happens with me too at some points...  

When you come to see the reason you notice it's due the lack of money, rest, education, blessing, some compare their selves to others and say (why I'm not like my neighbor) or (why I don't have the same beauty as my friend does) stuff like that make you think over and over then consider yourself the unlucky-est person out there. 

You work for these and even think about them, it's a natural thing. Cause everybody are doing their best to get at better level. But, what I want to to think of is something else. Suppose that you're  not as beautiful and your friend or not rich as your schoolmate or lucky as your co-worker, whoever that are comparing yourself with. Just let them aside and think about what YOU really got. Even if you are missing something there's always another item covering up for you. 

You might have a talent your friend don't have. Or you have the ability of doing multiple works that no one can do. Beside that, you might have a great family, a dear sister or a brother that's always next to you when you need them. You have a place to live and a home to return to whenever you want. You smart thinking mind, your treasures whatever you consider. All these are more powerful reasons to be happy than see what other people got and you don't then get sad over. 

You see, my point is to be happy with whatever you got. It's not about the WHAT, it's about the HOW.  Like I won't count what I don't have but I'm be happy and appreciate with I DO got in myself. Chasing to glory to be like people is out of my hand BUT being happy and seeing things in a positive way is something anyone can do. 

And that's what you call ... CONTENTMENT

No matter now less you got or now much people have you'll always be full and feel grateful when you take things with contentment. It allows you to see the beauty of yourself and even the beauty of things you don't have. Whenever you feel that whatever you got is enough you'll never see again what you are missing cause you got everything in your already already. 

Peace, love, greatness, fullness, happiness, and relaxation. 

Nowadays, no matter  how much people receive they ask for more and more. They don't realize how lucky and blessed they are until all their gifts wash away. If you learn how to love yourself with whatever you have life will be wonderful for sure~! 

"Don't wait for the missing to be happy, just enjoy what you got to be blissful and grateful!"


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