Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Traffic to Your Blog

One of the things that matters you as a blogger is the audience or reader to it. Without them you are just writing a journal of your own. Thus, you have to attract to right people for the topics you write so they will interact with you positively.

Here are simple 5 methods to get readers (traffic) to your blog that you might use everyday. 

1. Facebook Fan Page: as you all know, facebook is the first most used social media and the second most visited site on the world. Imagine how much traffic you will gain when you make a fan page at that site. Most blogger use this as a number one source for visitors/readers. 

2. Google+ page: though it has been a short time since its release, google+ gained a lot of users to it. I wrote in one of my posts how to make a page there, you can find it here [link].

3. Signatures: put a link to your blog at the end of your e-mail whatever you are using. Next time when you send a message or forward one to your friends they will see it and visit it. They might forward the message to their friends and they'll do the same. You can tell how the rest of the process will go on getting traffic to your blog. 

4. Twitter: okay, for this very method you should have like a lot of followers. I did write one about this topic too, it's over here. You can twit your link or posts from time to time. Don't twit if all day long, this way people would get bored. 

5. Screen Saver: this is really simple. All you have to do is make a little screen saver that has pictures related to topics of your blog with - of course - the address to it. People will download it and once they see the photos they like they'd definitely want to know more and get into your blog. 

So, these were simple ways people use everyday and how to use them for your blog traffic benefit. If you guys happen to know more, please share them here. I'd love to hear about your methods in getting traffic for your blog =) 


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