Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Great Tools for Learning New Languages

As I wrote in my previous posts about tips in learning a new language, part 1 and part 2. Today I'll share some great sites that will help you along as a tool in improving your stuff. 

 Let's get on with the list of 10 sites to help you with your language; 
1. Livemocha: that would be the first site I'll recommend. It has like over 20 languages to learn. Provided with audio, text, video and native people to practice with. 

2. About: that's another great site you can benefit from. Expert and pros will be your teacher in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English as a second language.

3. Mylanguageexchange: another great site for language exchanging. It's not free though and you have to pay a small fee to access more lesson on the site which are worth it. 

4. Chinese-Tool: for those who are interesting and learning Chinese language. Lots of text, lessons, audio and video. Pretty much like livemocha. 
5. Conversationexchange: as the address states it's all about exchanging conversations. Get around with native people you are interested in and teach one in exchange. 


6. Babble: an organized site that will let you chat one to one, with lessons, text, phrases and pretty much a lot like the other sites listed above. 

7. Study Spanish: Best used in conjunction with Babbel, Study Spanish is great with grammar, but very limited with vocabulary.

8. Word2Word: is a free online language directory with links to free language courses, online dictionaries and translators, language learning on YouTube, language chat sites, and other language learning materials.

9. Linguanaut: Learn alphabets and common phrases of over 50 languages, plus in-depth courses in nine languages.

10. Digital Dialects: Learn vocabulary from over 50 languages through fun animated games.



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