Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are You in Touch with the Ones You Know?!

Staying in touch!
Meeting someone new in our daily life is a natural matter that happens from time to time. We meet them in school, work, in the mall or anywhere else. By time passage & while talking with them, a sort of relation builds between us. Some try to keep this relation or bond to remember the times they spend together or because they love them & without them life won't be that much joyful as it was with their company. 
Thus they stay in touch with them . But not all people are alike, true that they love and care about the ones they know yet they just don't know how important it is to stay in touch with others.

By observing, I noticed these types of people and their methods to keep in touch with the ones they know and people around them …. 

The silent 
This kind is never asking others about their news ~ although he loves them very much, he always waits to hear it from them first and start on talking and see how they are doing. He thinks that the other side should begin first to show him how he's lovable and forgets about the opposite's feeling.
The average 
Well, he so and so with everyone. Online and offline in the same time. At time he connects others but he don't care if you connect and replay back at him, more like you don't really mean anything in specific.Unless there's some thing he's willing to ask from you ~ but that's not the case in every time.
The lovable 
This is the best kind of person who everyone wishes to have at least one like him in their friends list, he always keeps in touch with others, asks about them, greets them at any time, seek for you if you don't respond him to makes sure that you are okay, never stays away without showing any reasons & available at anytime if you need him for anything.

As in my case, I discovered the meaning of these kinds as I been through them starting with the first type. YEAH ! believe it or not, I was a silent friend to anyon . I used to wait for the other side to begin until I realized their feelings when I put myself in their place and understood what does staying in touch means. 

Now, I'm going from the average friend to the lovable one ~ I'm not saying that I'm lovable
I send them massages whenever I can to show them how much I care about and their on my mind, sometimes I ask about their news and be sure to receive everyone's replay. I can't get anything unless I send or give it first. Even if someone don't reply back at me I just make sure that they are okay, doing well and I make myself available if they need me in anytime ~ in other words; I've done my part toward them (^_^)"

Be everyone's friend instead of waiting for one to be yours. Start reconnecting your comrades and the ones you know from today to be the lovable friend every buddy wishes for.


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