Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 Simple Ways to Chase Away the Black Mood

Even when you do your best there will be times when things go wrong, people misunderstand you, something goes incorrectly. No matter how much you control your temper a time will come when you lose it or get into a black mood. 

This is where you'll feel frustrated and depressed. You could act badly with others cause of your emotion status thought that is not your fault and you are just having a bad time. You should chase away that atmosphere and clear up what's in your head. 

I believe everybody got their own solution for such stuff. Even if you just leave it that way it is or follow a certain method, it's be a good idea to check these new ways on how to chase a way a black mood

* Read whatever you love
Basically, reading is my favorite activity for almost anything. You can read in your free time, before bed and when having a black mood. It will help your mind to stop thinking about whatever happened that made you upset and travels with you in the pages of the book's story.

* Videos or movies
Maybe not a video exactly but something like a funny clip or anything that makes you smile or get inspired. A mind in the case will think about the contents of what it saw and think it over and over again even if your bad thoughts come, try to fight them with another video. Movies are good too, let your choice be a comedian or one of your favorite that you really enjoy at any time. 

* Talking with family and friends 
I don't mean like tell them what happened.  Try to open a new discussion with them. The up coming party, next trip, what are you having for dinner, anything that avoids the subject of the thing that made you upset. Cause if you start with it, it will never end and make you even more upset. Although when you are almost over that mood you can tell them later what happened. 

* Play games 
Whether it's with your friends, online, on the computer or even by yourself. Playing always keeps the mind active with the certain events. You should be forced on what you're playing otherwise you'll lose. So forget about what happened and carry on with your game!

* Keep yourself busy
I mean in particular whatever avoids you from mentioning the subject for the mean while. You can cook, go for walking, lay on the garden or just watch any TV show. Don't ever think about whoever or whatever made you have a black mood until you are clam. 

Black mood is just an emotion status for a certain time, don't let your whole day get ruined for such stuff. Always keep in mind that it's just for now and tomorrow might be a good day. So don't hurt those who are around you for someone else fault. 


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