Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't Give Up! There's HOPE!

Hope~ What a great word!

In times when you lose everything and every way to achieve something you still work for it with believe because of hope. Yes! It's a wonderful thing people should have in life that revives the dead souls ones and open dreams door to hard working people. 

Hope~ What is it?!
It is when you do a certain task or project over and over again you fail but still want to do it.
When you believe you are going to reach your point with success despite all the failures.
When everything looks miserable and you're still looking for bright results. 

 It is to believe and have faith that in a way or another your problem will be solved. 

Why we should hope for goods?!
Like I said before, it revives the deal souls one and open dreams door to hard working people. When you know there's something good in the future, you're not sure what it is but it's a wonderful thing you fill good thoughts and believe in yourself and love life. Hope is important without it people will live in fear and depression. 

People with no hope are dead people
Yes! There are people who live without hopes, without faith and without any good thought about their tomorrow. It's due to many failures in their lives, the betrayals they got and the bad conditions they lived. Even when they do anything they don't hope for any good results as if they are working without any emotions just like dead people!

“Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”
Life gets hard at some points but that definitely doesn't you have to leave everything and wish for your dead as soon as possible. We all are going to live just for once so why waste it one such things. Believe in yourself and in tomorrow, have good hope and faith in what life will give you. Even if you fail you learn, it's your gain not your lose. You have to have hope. 

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible" ~Unknown


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